Stephanie Fysh fine art photography



The series Hotel/Motel (The Embodiment of Transience) envisages moments in which material space and cultural space (the space of film, of art, of literature) intersect with the person in transition, the person inserted into space that is culturally defined as impermanent — where the self on holiday from the everyday may find, or perhaps create, new possibilities. 

The installation Rooms with Woman (2006–7) engages the materiality of self-construction within the apparent limitations or bounds of the taken-for-granted. How powerful are the constraints of the physical and cultural spaces that help to define what we are and what we can be, and can those spaces be bent or breached? Where does cultural construction of the self end and something like genuine self-construction begin?

Rooms with woman and three images from Hotel/Motel were exhibited in the 2007 CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival.  Pre-installation articles about the project were written by me (commissioned by and Bryan Partington.

Saturday night, North Bay, room no. 2

.09 miles to the Conference Center

East 17th, single, shared bath

After midnight, with a view of the capital

Queen bed, directly across from campus

Rooms with Woman
Rooms with Woman, detail: Dining Room #2

Rooms with Woman, detail: Bedroom #1