Stephanie Fysh fine art photography



My photography — architectural vistas and details, cinematic and erotic self-portraiture, and beyond — continues a journey I began as a literary-historical scholar: an exploration of the relationship between the physical structures we build, the culture we weave, and the selves we construct within the physical and cultural spaces through which we move. At times this exploration takes on the cloak of the documentary; at others it masks itself in the entirely fictive but still recognizably photographic, seeking the fictive construct within the real. In locating and tracing the shape of moments of sublimity, both large-scale and intimate, intended and unintended, I seek to illuminate the equivalent possibilities of the conscious construction of self — of a personal sublime — and of an erotics of the built world.

Or at least to make you look up. 

Stephanie Fysh Bio

Stephanie Fysh is a freelance book editor with a PhD-induced penchant for theory supplemented by photography courses and workshops at Sheridan College and elsewhere. She lives in downtown Toronto, Canada, with her husband and three children. 

Interviews with Stephanie appear at and on poet Sina Queryas’s Lemon Hound.

Exhibited & Published Work